I'm Here!

Sorry for the absence...work was really crazy busy for the last month, thanks to our annual yard sale. It's the time of year that I hate the most, but it raises a lot of money for the museum.

Then, of course, THE VIRUS hit the U.S. I've been off work all week (and only going a little stir crazy). I had to go in briefly this evening to do payroll and pay any outstanding bills because it looks like we could be shut down for a while. I have this crazy feeling we're going to end up under a nation-wide mandatory quarantine soon.

Anyway, I'm fine, so far, as is Ethel and all our critters. I'll try to find more stuff to write about, now that I have little else to do.

I hope all my LJ friends are healthy!

I'm Here

Work is very busy and leaves me practically asleep on my feet. This getting old is for the birds!

I hope you are all well!
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Weird Dream...

...it was a multi-parter.

I was someone else (I think). I was in a loving relationship with a guy either named Victor or with the last name of Victor. We had a cute little apartment in some city and were so in love. One day, we go to some sort of festival that is crowded. We eventually get separated. I am looking for him, but can't find him, and get more desparate as I look (this is actually a recurring theme in some of my dreams). Eventually, I decide he must have gone home, so I go home. He's not there. I wait for him, getting distraught as the night wears on. Eventually, I file a missing person's report with the police.

It skips ahead.

Now I'm living somewhere else with family, and they are abusive. They are basically holding me captive. I'm never alone. I'm afraid of them - even the women. There is violence - I even remember kicking out in defense at a couple of the men's heads. (WTF??) One day we load up in some sort of trailer and head to the city - the one I used to live in with Mr. Victor. I start to hatch a plan. I put on a second layer of clothes (so I can shed one later and be wearing something different).

(Weird detail--) I skin my knee. And, somehow, this doesn't mess up my plans, as my second layer of clothing includes a pair of shorts that will make my skinned knee obvious. I'm holding a tissue to my knee, I very clearly remember dropping the used tissue into a small trash can under an end table near a sliding, screened door, and then I'm out the door!

I'm running a zig zag through the city, down alleys, hiding, shedding the top layer of my clothes because I know my family will report me to the police. I know they will tell them I am the crazy, violent one. There will be an APB on me. I make my way to the cop who took my missing person's report earlier. He believes me and "rescues" me. Then he tells me he eventually found Mr. Victor.

It skips ahead again. Victor is telling me that he had met someone else at the festival we were at and ran off with them - that's why he was "missing." I was heart-broken all over again. I still can feel the deep, aching pain I felt in this dream.

Then, I am in a therapist's office doing the entry paperwork to start getting my life together. THE END

This was all this morning, right before my alarm went off. I feel groggy and shitty right now.
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(no subject)

I'm tired, broke, and burnt-out. Christmas was good, the nieces are good (#3 still isn't here, yet), house is still atrocious, shrimpy-mama had her second batch of babies, still too many snails.

Did I mention how tired I am?
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Baby Shrimps are A-Comin'!

I noticed this week that one of my shrimp is "berried" - carrying eggs on her underside. You can kinda see it in this photo - that darkish spot under her tail is the load of eggs. I've purchased some baby shrimp food, which turned out to be crumbled-up regular shrimp food, I think. I am looking forward to seeing what kinds of babies I get, since my shrimp herd are rejected hybrids from a breeder. Some are blue, some are red, and some are yellowish or orange. Should be interesting!

(And the pink glow is from my plant light - I didn't get the strawberry hydroponics set up yet, though.)

Random Stuff

  • Well, there has definitely been frost on the pumpkins this past week. We had a hard rain and lots of wind and the the temps dropped drastically. The leaves on the trees seemed to fall en masse. Of course, Ethel still hasn't ordered heating oil, so our house is cold as balls. Thank God for electric blankets!

  • My car needed to be inspected this month. It needed three tires and a new exhaust. It cost me almost $1,000. No wonder I can't get out of debt! (Never mind that I shop online waaaay too easily....)

  • My new plant light and telescoping-arm lamp have finally arrived, and I set them up last night over my aquarium. This weekend I plan to set up the hydroponic strawberry plants in the hole in the lid. Photos will follow. Still acting as Destroyer of Snails.

  • Baby blanket and layette set are complete and wrapped in cute bag and tissue, cute frosted cut-out cookies are ordered for the baby shower, and now I just have to decide if I want to stay overnight with one of my sister-in-laws or drive my mom and I home in the dark after the shower in two weeks (it's about a 2 hour drive, and there's lots of suicidal deer along the highways this time of year).

  • I have now started work on knitting my bulky sweater.

  • Work is ....work. The quilt show has ended (and I only flipped out once on an entitled old lady, but she started it, I swear!) I have bookmarked a bunch of interesting-looking jobs online, but last night when I went to work on applying to some of them, I found myself playing The Sims instead. Funny how that works....

  • Yesterday I discovered that my dream home is back on the market. I want it soooo badly, but it's technically too much house for just me (three bedrooms, shitty galley kitchen with no appliances, kooky all-wood finished basement, bonus screened-in porch, defunct pool that doesn't hold water), and the taxes on it are ...outrageous (it's in the town's "hill section.") Plus, I have no savings to even put down on a house.... It definitely needs work, and I kinda want to know what exactly is wrong with it that it doesn't sell... like, is the stone facade going bad, or the roof? Maybe the foundation has a problem, or the septic? Maybe it's haunted? I don't know. I really want to go look at it, but I don't want to waste the realtor's time, because, short of winning the lotto (which I don't play), there is no way on Earth that I can buy this any time soon.


No Particular Subject

Some days I'm just so "in my head" that I can't express myself. I've been feeling that a lot lately, so that's my excuse for not writing - I just can't get it out. I wish I had a machine like in Tommyknockers that would instantly type my thoughts for me.


Still killing snails and pulling egg clutches out. It's getting old. I really should post a new picture to show how much the plants have grown (but I'm at work now, so.....) I'm also going to set up a new lighting system, if Amazon ever sends me my new light. I'm going to clamp the light onto the cart I use as an aquarium stand and then adjust it accordingly. I already have the plant-growing LED bulb. That way, I can remove the standard light that came with my Spec V and plant a couple of strawberry plants in the opening of the lid like this guy. We had a hanging basket of strawberries on our porch that we never took enough care of to get ripe berries this summer. It has runners that are about 4 feet long right now. This is where I'm going to get the plants from. I also have the clay beads, as that's what I'm using for my orchids now. I'm racking my brain to try to figure out how to rig the original light to the side so that some of the lower plants get more light, since the lily I have planted has overtaken the whole tank.


I've finished the baby blanket for my new niece-to-be, but I had to order more yarn to do it (check your gauge carefully, folks!) Unfortunately, the yarn wasn't quite the same, so the last stripe I did in that color is slightly bigger than the others and has thrown off the shape of the blanket. I'm going to wash and block it and then tell my sis-in-law to use that edge as the top edge, LOL. Now I'm working on a sweater, cap, and booties to go with it. I also ordered yarn to make a sweater for myself because Lionbrand had an amazing 40% off sale the other week. Last winter I made a simple sweater for Ethel that turned out gorgeous in Wool-Ease Thick 'N' Quick, so I picked out a pretty aubergine color for myself last week and spent less than $50 on yarn. I can't wait to start it. If I remember correctly, it worked up pretty quickly. I hope I made notes on how I did it, because Thick 'N' Quick is a bit thicker than the yarn they use in the pattern.


It's time to clean bird cages again, and I keep putting it off. The room also now houses our hanging baskets from the front porch - two huge ferns and two mixed begonia/ivy baskets (and the strawberry!) We got a rolling clothing rack to hang them on, with a tarp on the carpet underneath in case the drip baskets slip. I also brought in my yucca plant and put it by the hanging baskets. I'm hoping the greenery cheers up the little chirpies. I've cleaned up our spare cage to move the zebra finch into (I want to get him a mate and his current cage is too small for two), and two weekends ago I picked up some interesting sticks and branches at my parents' house. My plan is to give them all new, more natural-looking perches as I clean up the rest of the cages.